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Construction Management is one of Office Pro's core services where we represent  your interest and we provide you our expertise in overseeing your Office Construction.  Our mandate is to work with all parties to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to your expected standard of quality, scope, and function.

Building an office is of high value and yet fast-paced. It is truly overwhelming and without proper expertise can lead to failure.  Our value to you is a positive cost-benefit in comparison to the risks of doing a major project without professional guidance. Ask yourself: how much is it worth to avoid a significant delay or a complete redesign? We will skillfully lead the project to create efficiencies, avoid pitfalls and champion your project on a direct path to the finish line. 

Modern Work Space


First step is to identify your design needs. The design will be the start and end of our project. It will be our basis if we are successful or not. We provide assistance in identifying your design needs by getting to know how your business operates, how many employees you have, what are the different departments within your company, what is your operating hours, what is your company's branding guidelines and then we incorporate and balance these with standard design practice including the fire and safety minimum requirement of your governing local government as well as applicable new trends and technologies that may be of good addition to your workplace.


Once we finalize your design needs, we move on to prepare the RFPs (Request for Proposal) which indicates the requirement for send out to our procured capable designers who can turn this visually and to bid for your final office design. Soon after finalizing the bid for design, we also prepare the RFPs for the general contractors or separate vendors who will do the entire build which will range from Architectural/Civil Works, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, up to your IT infrastructure.


At this point, you will be in contact already with a lot of vendors and it can get tricky to manage all of them. After you release the RFPs, collection of the bids itself from the vendors will take a lot time and the actual review will take even more time. A skillful construction manager can efficiently review answers to RFPs and can easily spot and eliminate those who are not able to respond accordingly or those who showed signs of incapability. The goal is to find the best vendors for your project. In awarding projects, its not always the lowest cost you should choose.



In the Philippines, everything is negotiable. We help you in getting the best deal from these vendors by negotiating not only the cost but as well as delivery time, which again translates to cost savings.



After careful review of the bids submitted, we come up with our thoughtful recommendation and action plan for your final decision. Deciding will be easier as our recommendation will be properly written with summaries and overview of each vendor.


Once we finalize the vendors, we can now lead the team in building your office and manage them on your behalf ensuring that everyone will do their function to turn over a successful project.






Technicians at Work
Why Choose Us



We all are experts on one thing. To focus on your main function and role, hire an extra arm whose expertise is office construction.


We only work on your behalf and we align our services with yours to ensure that we build the best office space for your company at the right time and in top quality.


We do not make our recommendations out of nowhere or from hearsay. We make use of only real information and data to help you with your decision-making.


Our service fee significantly off-sets and even outweighs the cost of failing your office build project.



We can better serve you if we can identify your needs.
Fill out our quick questionnaire and let us set a meeting to discuss your requirement.

Don't have space yet? We can help you find the perfect match

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