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Holcim strengthens its masonry cement

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“Holcim WallRight Prime is enhanced to provide higher compressive strength to concrete while continuing to deliver superior performance for masonry applications such as better wall adhesion and workability, high water retention to prevent cracks, and smoother finish,” the company said in a disclosure.The product will be initially available in Northern Luzon. It will carry an Ecolabel mark to indicate that it has 30% lower carbon footprint than ordinary Portland cement.

“Holcim WallRight Prime’s enhanced strength makes it a more versatile and superior masonry cement in response to our builders’ demand for products with wider application. This provides our customers greater value as they may now use this product as a good alternative to general purpose cement for light structures,” said Ramakrishna Maganti, Holcim Philippines senior vice-president and head of marketing and innovation.

Holcim WallRight Prime is the fifth new product released since December 2020 as part of the company’s sustainable building solutions initiative.

“The new products also use fewer natural resources in line with the company’s sustainability commitment to help the country build more with less. Holcim Philippines diversification of its product portfolio is also a key driver of differentiation and business performance,” the company said.



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