As you start or grow your business, you need people of expertise to help and guide you when it comes to your corporate real estate needs. Office Pro, as a focused corporate real estate firm, carefully aligns its services not just with its clients' requirements, but also with its end-goals.


Our consultants at Office Pro are all trained and experienced in working with both local and foreign companies in advisory services and assisting them in completing their business requirements to either set-up, relocate, or expand.


Backed with true local market knowledge and a very client centric approach in their service delivery, they aim to stand out among others by providing exceptional consultancy with a goal to execute plans and strategies in real estate more seamlessly.

Business Consultation


We begin first with what you need depending highly on your type of business. Identifying your needs is crucial. For first time occupants in the Philippines, we sit down with them to discuss their business goals and how they want this to be achieved. This way, we can give advisory by giving different real estate strategies that we find suitable. For existing businesses, we assess their current portfolio and even current plans to check if this is still in line with their business goals or if they should be exploring new opportunities outside.



Workplace design has changed fast in just a little over a decade from traditional enclosed spaces to open layouts. Now, with the pandemic heavily affecting all industries, new designs need to be incorporated to the workplace. To continue with your operations, getting our expertise to take care of this matter will ease your burden of keeping your space safe for your people and your business. Furthermore, keeping tabs on your office design can lead to significant cost savings, as well as productivity and work efficiency.


Real estate is a big chunk of any business' expense. We help occupiers see an overview of this and knowledgeably itemize specific costs of your overall real estate--from your space, your assets such as equipments, your people who manage and maintain your space and assets, your utilities, etc. Further, we give advisory on how we can better manage real estate costs depending on how occupiers operate their business. For companies looking to see what costs are ahead of them, we also give advisory on set-up costs in the Philippines.



Leasing an office space of course ties your company with legal obligations that is based on a lease contract. Sometimes, our businesses need to know if we are still in a fair agreement basing on market conditions performance. Analyzing lease contracts can also open opportunities to occupiers. Sometimes, there are better spaces that your company can be in that you do not realize especially when you are focus on running your actual business. It is recommended to have a regular assessment of your lease obligations to see your corporate real estate's overall health. Our team can also give you insights with what are the standard contracts in current time which we can use as comparison to yours.



To come up with business decisions in corporate real estate, Office Pro offers market research that will help your business determine specific data or information it will need with a complete interpretation of what it would mean for your business. If there are specific reports that you want to have, you can engage Office Pro as your researchers to come up with a tailor-fit study for your company.


We help companies identify locations with significant talent pool that will match their business needs. Labor, which is always the majority of a company's spending and most importantly, the foundation of its success, needs to be properly analyzed with real data to help the business leaders make their decisions.


Business registration involves different processes from different government institutions. This includes your Barangay, Local Government, SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) or DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), and the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). For you to be able to save and use your time in your actual business operations, you can simply outsource this step to us as we have already mastered the application and you can simply just wait for your business to be successfully registered with all the necessary permits.

Meeting Room Business



We all are experts on one thing. To focus on your main function and role, hire an extra arm whose expertise is corporate real estate and one that has true local market knowledge.


We only work on your behalf and we align our services with yours to ensure that we find the best available space and negotiate the best deal possible for your company.


We do not make our recommendations out of nowhere or from hearsay. We make use of only real information and data to help you with your decision-making.


Consulting is basically free with Office Pro. For the specific services enumerated above, our fees will vary depending on the scope needed but we assure that it is worth paying as our expertise will lead you to a lot of saved time and costs.