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Office Property Highlight: ORE Central

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

ORE Central is easily recognizable for its well-made cube structure in which is positioned towards the green park. Numerous studies have shown that having access or easy exposure to greenery boosts overall productivity. To further appreciate the beauty of ORE Central, let us take a deep dive into the details of this building.

Outlook view of ORE Central

Location and its Accessibility

After a long day’s work, places to visit and commuting are essential for one’s employees. Given this, banks, restaurants, and retail shops such as Italianni’s, Yellow Cab, and Uptown Lifestyle Mall are some of the few places that can be evident outside ORE Central. Meanwhile, going to work will be less of a problem since transportation services such as buses, jeepneys, and taxis are available to the tenants. There are two modes going to ORE Central. First is the Edsa-Ayala terminal, take a North Express route bus, and drop-off at NutriAsia. Afterward, walk along 9th Avenue and turn left to 30th Street to reach the main entrance of ORE Central. Same with Market Market terminal, take Central bus route and drop-off at NutriAsia. With this, it is a 10-minute walk to Market Market.


First of all, there is no denying that the working environment affects our well-being as a whole. ORE Central received a GOLD Certificate from LEED. An organization made by the U.S. Green Building Council. They are committed to improving lives through sustainable buildings that will thrive in a much healthier way. Its intricate eco-sustainable design is by the global architecture firm named Gensler. They firmly believed that the "power of design sparks positive change and creates a future that promotes equity, resilience, and well-being for everyone." Given this, being environmentally conscious plays a relevant factor as it will benefit future generations.


Apart from its beautiful exterior, the interior design is also a plus point. The minimalist yet elegant style of the building makes it exceptional.

First Photo: Internal finishes of office spaces, Second Photo: Workspaces in ORE Central


First Photo: Ground floor area, Second Photo: Dining area at 11th/12th floor

Alongside its interior design, having amenities is essential to one’s employee. Here in this building, they have retail establishments located on the ground floor. Not to forget their clinic and wellness facilities which make one’s work-life more enjoyable. Nowadays, self-care is highly relevant because having a relaxing time improves one’s life. There is a recent study that says self-care promotes positive health outcomes. With that said, there is no surprise that wellness is infamous in our society. Apart from their wellness facilities, their headquarter level has private access to the ground floor entry. Consequently, some spaces are allowed to employees for after-hours events.

Technical Specifications

Towards the technical part, having a 100% backup power and fire alert system is a bonus. Hence, tenants will no longer be concerned in the event of an emergency. ORE’s floor efficiency depends on its zone in which the Low Zone is 1,832.13 sqm, while Mid Zone is 1,570.65 and lastly High Zone is 891.27. Having these said measurements is beneficial to the tenants by giving an overview of the space. Furthermore, the VRF air condition system is suited for a large enterprise; To which it is for those who like to work after office hours. Here in our modern society, there is no denying that technology is relevant in our daily lives primarily for working efficiently and socializing with people. So, the fiber backbone in this building is provided by known internet providers such as Globe, PLDT, and Eastern Telecom. ORE Central also has 9 Passenger elevators, 3 Parking Levels, and 1 Service elevator. With that said, it makes less hassle for employees going to work.

Given this, ORE Central is remarkable in highlighting all these aspects, specifically sustainability, amenities, interior, and accessibility. Consequently, this building captures what a building truly is.

To know more of the building specifications or to inquire about leasing availabilities, please see it here.


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