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9th Floor


Makati Sky Plaza

Office Space Unit 

For Rent / Lease

Makati Sky Plaza is a Class C office building in 6788 Ayala Ave, Legazpi Village within Makati's Central Business District.

Size (in sqm)
Space Use
Handover Condition
Rental Rate
Building Dues
AC Charge
Total Monthly Rent (VAT Ex.)
9th Floor
124.00 sqm
PHP 900.00 / sqm
Php 185.00 / sqm, 24/7 is Php 247.00 / sqm
PHP 111,600.00 / month


Published rents displayed here are subject to change. Please communicate for a formal proposal from the landlord. Rental rates can be negotiated through an Official Letter of Intent to Lease.

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Thank you for your inquiry. One of ours associates will reach out to you directly to verify your requirements.

Aside from the availability of this building, you can always consult with us other information that you do not find here. We can prepare your company a more in-depth presentation of the office property, find similar buildings to compare with, prepare cash flow financial analysis, request for viewings, floor layouts, and many more. It is always recommended to consult when you are looking for your office space so your search will be guided objectively and professionally. Our office acquisition services are free as we get our  service fees from the office building developer and landlords. This however does not necessarily mean we are representing them. Our end-goal is to assist occupiers in finding the best space that will match their needs. We do this by presenting all the options that we find available in the market and suitable to your requirement. This will guarantee your company a better search and a clearer overview of the office space market making it easier for you to decide on the best space for your business and operations. Know more of our Office Acquisition Services here.

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