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Office Construction timeline

This timeline is based on the average office size range of office which is 500 - 1,000 square meters. We used a conservative approach with an assumption that everything initially planned between all the parties involved in the project did not deviate. This is also with the assumption that there will be no shortcuts done in getting your permits from the local government or from the building administration. We warn clients who are promised by contractors or any type of vendor promising a lesser time with regards to office construction unless they can explain it logically and in a step-by-step manner. 

Construction Planners

Week 1

Week 2-3

Week 3-4

Week 4-6

Week 9-10

Week 10-17

Week 17-18


What are the factors that can possibly affect your timeline?

1. Revisions : If your design keeps on going back and forth for revisions, this will automatically adjust your timeline as its only not the client who needs to approve your plans, but also the building vetting team and the local government. So if the client approves and the building did not, you will still need to revise your design. 

2. Delay in Permits Release : Although it is very rarely the case, it can happen and this will delay the start of your construction as you obviously are not allowed to do construction without your permits. 

3. Really Large Office Spaces : In the Philippines it is not unusual to be building ten thousand square meters of office space. This is very usual for BPO companies and naturally, the bigger your office is, the longer time it will need to construct. Unless of course, the premium of hiring more workers to guarantee a shorter construction time will be agreed upon.


4. Unprofessional Vendors : There are still a lot of construction vendors who simply do not perform as they said they will. Even if there only one single vendor who did not do his part, it can affect the entire project's timeline. Sometimes, there are really bad cases where they simply do not show up anymore causing a stand-still and a waste of productive time.

5. A long punchlist : You may think that your construction finished on time but upon checking the workmanship of your project, there is actually a long list of re-work to be done as they are simply not acceptable in quality. This automatically translates to a delay of your timeline.

Hiring a construction manager will significantly lessen the risks of these affecting you.


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