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Office Property Highlight: SM North Tower

Are you looking for the best office development to set-up or relocate your office that is within Quezon City? Here we will be highlighting an on-going office development by leading property developer, SM Prime Holdings. It is an extension of one of its biggest malls–SM City North EDSA Complex–a five tower Class A office development–SM North Towers. 

SM North Towers is an extension and redevelopment of the SM City North EDSA complex in Quezon City. Offering modern office spaces alongside shopping, dining, and entertainment options, SM North Towers caters specifically to the needs of businesses seeking a vibrant and integrated workplace environment.

As of June 2024, Towers 1 and 2 have been fully turned over for occupancy.

Building Design

The architectural design of SM North Towers exudes modern elegance and practicality. The sleek lines and harmonious blend of glass and steel give the structure a contemporary and striking appearance in the urban landscape. The towers, progressively taller from one to the next, are interconnected, providing larger floorplates that enhance operational efficiency. The future additions of Towers 3, 4, and 5 will continue this ascending pattern, offering even more space and efficiency.

Positioned above a large podium structure that serves as its strong foundation continuing to the basement parking levels, the towers are built to last. Notably, the building is LEED Gold certified and PEZA registered, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and business efficiency. 

Building Amenities

SM North Towers offers a diverse range of amenities designed to cater to the needs of all visitors.

The office development features dedicated vehicle drop-off points, ensuring convenient access for tenants and guests.

Basement parking facilities are available, providing ample space for tenants and visitors.

Each tower also has its dedicated reception and elevator lobby that creates conducive management of foot traffic across the office towers.

Office Space Rent Lease Quezon City PEZA Office Space
SM North Edsa Office Towers Reception

Office Space Rent Lease Quezon City PEZA Office Space
Office Lobby SM North EDSA Towers

Office Space Rent Lease SM North Towers EDSA PEZA Office Space
Elevator Lobby SM North EDSA Towers

The integration of green spaces and eco-friendly design elements also highlights a commitment to sustainability and aesthetic appeal. At the top of the retail podium and accessible only to office tenants, there are outdoor spaces in between the towers that can be used by office tenants to take a break and get some fresh air.

Office Spaces for Rent Lease in SM North EDSA Towers Quezon City PEZA Office Space

The direct connection to SM's mall provides office occupiers easy and convenient access to retailers including a diverse set of food and dining options, a department store, a grocery store, pharmacy and a lot of service stores.

Location & Accessibility

SM North Towers occupies a prominent location in Metro Manila. It is in the crossroads of EDSA and North Avenue and boasts exceptional accessibility. It is within walking distance to North Avenue MRT and LRT stations. Additionally, it also has its own bus and PUV terminals within the complex.

Looking ahead, the upcoming North Station of the Metro Manila Mega Subway, part of a project aimed at relieving traffic congestion in Metro Manila and serving one million passengers daily upon completion, will further enhance connectivity in the area.

Time to Rethink your Real Estate Strategy

SM North Towers is a significant addition to Quezon City's office stock, especially for its location. Most SMEs in the city are still located in outdated buildings which are lacking in terms of building amenities, accessibility, and connectivity to support services and emergency response units. Currently, SM North Towers might be offering the same lease rates as these old buildings and office occupiers are just not aware of the opportunity.

Set up a quick consultation with our team to assess your current real estate position. To put your business to an advantage, proper planning of your real estate strategy is essential.

To know more of SM North Towers and its current office unit availabilities, feel free to contact our team. You can also see building page here.


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