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Corporate Real Estate Associate

Job Description:

Being a Corporate Real Estate Associate involves business development, sales and marketing. You will be representing and selling the company services, and you will be trained to be business minded when dealing with clients. You are expected to learn the real estate industry and be well-versed to articulate solutions for the clients' real estate requirements.

What You Need to Be Successful in this Role:

  • Being in corporate real estate is a tough job as transactions are highly objective and there are a lot of tasks needed before you can fulfill a sale or close a transaction. This means a slower sales cycle. Building a healthy pipeline to start and growing your reputation is key to your success.

  • You must be able to determine how to approach companies (B2B sales and marketing), secure introductory meetings, and maintain business relationships.

  • We have 3 positions for the CRE Associate Level 1 to Level 3, with Level 3 as the highest rank.

  • Your offer will highly depend on your experience and real estate knowledge.


  • Bachelor's Degree (Preferably in Real Estate Management, Business, Finance, Marketing)

  • Must be able to speak well in a professional setting especially when talking to C-level executives.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Excel and Powerpoint.

  • Able to do Basic Financial Modeling 


Employment Type:

Salary Package Range:

PHP 16,000 - PHP 80,000

Other Compensation:

Commission Package, HMO

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